The meeting was called to order by Treasurer, Gwen Brodis at 7:10 P.M. in the absence of President Donovan Bowley. Those attending were: Gwen Brodis, Ann Leadbetter, Mary Ireland, Bill and Judith Jones, Bob Appleby, Emily Saladino, Peter Saladino, Marie Berry, and Linda Hillgrove. Guests attending were Jean Payne, Bernice (Bunny) Gleason, Dan Dalrymple, Viola Richardson and Jonathan Goodman.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Secretary, Linda Hillgrove, reviewed Minutes from July 17, 2018 which was unanimously accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Gwen Brodis, reported in Savings, $13,872.48; in Checking, $565.63.

PROGRAM CHAIR: Program Chair, Ann Leadbetter, announced that Bruce Gamage, speaker for our September 18th, 10 A.M. meeting will do appraisals on any antiques you wish to bring in. Please bring your own lunch.

OLD BUSINESS: Gwen suggested that each member take raffle tickets to sell for the quilt made by Florance Merrifield to benefit the HHS. Drawing for the “Little Red School House” pattern quilt will be held on Election Day, November 6th at the Town Office. Ticket prices are $1.00 each or six tickets for five dollars.

Our “Thank You” goes out to Marie Berry for mowing the lawn and to Diane Sprowl for mowing the ditch again this month.

Emily Saladino furnished a list of items which would be appropriate for the Traveling Trunk. This list includes items needed: small cast iron, small wooden bowl and spoon, candle molds, symbol for sawmills, blacksmith, and shoemakers, small checkers set, small hymnal, unused DVD Gone With The Wind, Trail of the Lonesome Pine, The Wizard of Oz,. Subjects could be Holidays & Celebrations, Electricity, Law & Order, Sports, Hope Politics (Historical). If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact Emily Saladino, Gwen Brodis or Donovan Bowley.

BUILDING REPORT: We are in need of help with reattaching wallpaper, painting a couple windows, some house cleaning and weed removal in the driveway.

NEW BUSINESS: Coastal Opportunities is overwhelmed with bottle returns so Bill Jones passed around stickers with “HHS” to be attached to the bags or Bill will also, for your convenience, take your bottle/cans to Coastal Opportunities.

Marie Berry will have another “Open House Day” at the HHS home with a yard sale on Saturday, September 1st from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. There will also be pies, baked beans, jellies or jams, etc. for sale. Marie will show videos of past Hope events upon request and try to answer any questions. The “Open House Day” on Saturday, August 25th was a success and thank you to everyone who supported the Hope Historical Society.

Refreshments were provided by Ann Leadbetter and Judith Jones.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded.

Program Chair, Ann Leadbetter, introduced Speaker, David Smith of Hope. Who produces and sells maple syrup from over 900 taps from his and neighbors maple trees. David became interested in tapping maples as a child. His career was building boats until allergies forced him to stop. His High Street maple syrup business can produce 100 gallons of maple syrup an hour. Syrup is stored in barrels until needed.

The September 18th meeting will be a Morning Program starting at 9:30 A.M. with the business meeting while at 10 A.M. will featured Bruce Gamage, speaking about and also appraising antiques. Please bring in any antiques you would like Bruce appraise.

Meetings for the rest of 2018 are as follows:

October 16th – ANNUAL MEETING with Dan ford or Mid-Maine Forestry

November 20th – Local Mills with Donovan Bowley

December 11th – Christmas Brunch

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Hillgrove, Secretary                                       RETURN