The meeting for Tuesday, August 20, 2019 was called to order by President Juanita Hunt at 7 P. M. at the home of Wayne Twitchell for the Annual Field Trip. Those present were: Cindy DellaPenna, Jim DellaPenna, Bernice "Bunny” Gleason, Juanita Hunt, Linda Hillgrove, Ann Leadbetter, Marie Berry, Ron Smith, Jarvis Johnson, Catherine Pease, Donovan Bowley, Bill Jones, Judith Jones, Bob Appleby and Guests: Susan Rogers, George Rogers, Sandra Rogers, Viola Richardson, Evelyn O’Connell, Ken Cleaves, Spring Hanna, Lisa Cummings, Sharon Reed and Linda Twitchell.

Before we toured Wayne Twitchell’s shop, members voted to accept the updated By-Laws which was
unanimously accepted.

Juanita Hunt introduced Wayne Twitchell to the members and guests as a retired welder from Bath Iron Works. Wayne was always interested in creating and collecting miniature figures, Match Box cars and cutting, welding and painting the metal “creatures” he makes. He can make a crab from an old horse shoe or a piece of steel with holes in to make a “holey cow” or large flying bird lawn ornaments. He has his creations in three stores with Funky Farmhouse on Bay View Street, Camden being the local shop.

NEW BUSINESS: The final Yard, Food and Craft Fair of the summer will be held Saturday, August 31st from 8 A. M. Marie Berry has made her famous pies, bars and cookies along with Florance Merrifield’s handmade items including a quilt that will be raffled off in November at the Town Office on Election Day. Tickets for the queen sized quilt are six for five dollars or one dollar per ticket. Coffee and lemonade is free. Please stop by for a tour of the Hope Historical Society, 354 Camden Rd, Hope, Maine.

September 14th is the day we will meet 9 A. M. - 2 P. M. at the HHS home to scrape, caulk and paint the exterior window sills and window frames. Bring your own supplies if you wish.

At the September 17th meeting the Hope Historical Society will be making a presentation title “A Brief History of Astronomy plus Stars, the Speed of Light, and More” by Jim DellaPenna. Jim has been an amateur astronomer since his teen years and belongs to three astronomy clubs. He has participated in numerous astronomy public outreach events for the general public, schools, and science museums. Speaking presentations have included Double Stars, Star Cluster, and introduction to Astronomy clubs and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.

His presentation on the 17th will include a generous slide program.

Hope historical Society is located at 354 Camden Rd (Rt 105) in Hope. The meeting begins at 7 P.M
Refreshments will be served after the meeting by Florance Merrifield and Marie Berry.

Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Hillgrove, Secretary