JULY 21, 2016



Members meeting at the Hope Historical Society Home at 9:30 A.M. for the annual “field trip” included Ann Leadbetter, Barbara Ludwig, Brad Boyd, Judith and Bill Jones, Jim and Cindy Della Penna, Nancy Ford and Linda Hillgrove. Our President, Donovan Bowley and Treasurer, Gwen Brodis, and Webmaster, Bob Appleby were unable to attend.

Our first stop was a visit with Metalworker, Benjamin Leavitt, at 446 Camden Road, in Hope, who explained how he works with steel for gates, railings, furniture, garden fixtures or any other requests a client might have.

The second visit was with Carl Leavitt, father of Benjamin and Joshua, at “kiss my boots” shoe repair shop. He makes belts, stretches shoes, re-sole or re-heel your favorite shoes or boots. He will pick up boots in Camden and Belfast also.

Next door is “Joshua Leavitt Fine Craft Shop”. Joshua explained different woods and how he uses them. We were shown examples of his craft: furniture, cabinetry, signage and sculptures. We are fortunate to have such talented craftsmen in Hope. We returned to the HHS home for refreshments furnished by Judith Jones.

Four inside storm windows have been purchased at $100.59 for the gathering room to protect the windows from frost buildup. Walter Ludwick of Camden, while cleaning out his parent’s home, found a gallon glass bottle labeled: “Ludwig Orchard” sweet apple cider, no preservatives. Walter gave the jug to Peggy Ludwig who passed it on to Barbara Ludwig as a donation, and she brought it with her to our July 21st meeting.

Program Coordinator, Ann Leadbetter, has scheduled John Boeckler, photographer, to show some of his photos and give a history of them.

The next HHS meeting is August 16, 2016 at 7 P.M. at the HHS home.

Sincerely Submitted
 Linda Hillgrove, Secretary