Hope Historical Executive Meeting
June 7, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President, Juanita Hunt - attendees Gwen Brodis, Donovan Bowley, Cindy DellaPenna, Margaret Morse and Jim DellaPenna, as a presenter.

The May 3, 2021 Secretary's report was moved, seconded & passed (MSP).

The treasurer's report reflects income this past month in the amount of $1,522.60 and expenses of $801.42. We currently have $21,073.55 in savings and $645.04 in checking. The income figure reflects $57.60 from bottle redemption the remainder in donations in memory of Florance Merrifield, Robert (Bob) Appleby, who passed away the 29th of March, and Jane Mitchell, who passed away May 3rd. There was some discussion, again, regarding the Historical Society's exemption from sales tax and how we should take advantage of the exemption when making purchases. The report was MSP'd.

Jim discussed strategically placing two steel posts in the Society's basement to support a stressed beam. We will need to contract with a contractor to install a beam in the living room - we have one quote and are looking for a second. This work is necessary due to the sagging third floor. Weakness in the structure occurred many years ago when a wall had been removed on the ground floor. Jim also discussed where we stand with electrical contractors and how at this time of the year, they simply are not available. It was MSP'd to schedule Justin Electric with the understanding it will likely we winter before he is available.

We have 120 new cookbooks available for sale. Corrections were made to three known errors. This second printing recognizes Florance Merrifield, for her lifelong dedication to the town of Hope and Hope Historical Society. Cindy will approach the bookstores Owl & Turtle in Camden and the relocated Sherman's in Rockland, when it opens, to see if they have an interest in marketing our cookbook.

Donovan researched the cost of three sizes of Post Office boxes. The smallest box goes for $80/year - we rent from Camden Post Office for a box located at the Hope General Store. Gwen still wants membership dues to be sent to her home address; however, with a PO Box, the Society can post on its website a postal address and a physical address for inquires, donations and miscellaneous from non-members. Donovan said he could routinely check the box. MSP'd rental of a PO box.

Juanita & Marie Berry brought some donated yard sale items to Thomaston Place Galleries, Inc. where appraiser, Kaja Veilleux, provided an estimate of worth. Additionally, he informed them he would be willing to give a talk when we activate member meetings again. His appraisal services are free to the public on Tuesdays. We do not anticipate resumption of meetings until Fall at the earliest.

Juanita has been in contact with representatives of the local historical societies who have in the past expressed interest in sharing a booth at the Union Fair. The fair is a go this year, however, the only society that is willing to commit to a booth, so far, is Union Historical Society. Juanita stated she is supposedly to hear from the others within another week or so. Time is getting closer - the fair runs from August 21 - 28. We would need volunteers to help out manning the booth.

Discussion of a newsletter continues. For the moment, the Secretary will send out the May and current minutes with a notification of the lawn and bake sale June 26th from 8 to 12.

We discussed the acknowledgement sent to donors of contributed items. Willis Keene had inquired about all the photographs, home movies and postcards he had sent attributed to his father, Irving Keene, an avid photographer. Irving Keene spent many summers in Hope, where his mother, Jennie (Coose) Keene had been born. Acknowledgement is sent to donors; occasionally it can take time due to our volunteer time constraints. This brought up the discussion that we need to clearly document items dropped off when Gwen and Donovan are not present; we need the name, date and a description of the item(s). Acknowledgement can sometimes be hard; we recently received 10 photos of Hatchet Mtn. Camp taken sometime in the 20's or 30's with the note: "My father Walter Gay had many wonderful memories of the camp and a counselor. I hope the pictures will be an asset to your collection. I believe my father would be pleased to share them with others." The note was dated March 1, 2021; however, no one signed it. Another recent donation from Camp Bishopswood, a co-ed Episcopal camp for 6-16 year old's, is an old wooden wheelchair - research will be needed to date the chair.

Donovan discussed cataloging. Hope Historical Society has PastPerfect Museum Software, used by over 11,000 museums, what we don't have is a person or persons willing to enter the data from our card index of accessioned items. Please, if you or someone you know has an interest in this important cataloging work contact either Donovan Bowley or Gwen Brodis .

We need to update our website to indicate we can open the Hope Historical Society house by appointment - contacts are
Juanita, Marie Berry or Gwen. Additionally, Juanita will be at the house on June 21st from 9-12.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 - MSP.
Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia S. DellaPenna, Secretary