Hope Historical Society

Meeting of May 15th 2007

corrected minutes



Vice-President Ann Leadbetter called the meeting at the Hope Volunteer Library to order at 6:30 PM. Present were: other members Bob Appleby, Gwen & Dick Brodis, Obed & Faith Hart, Herb Hart, Lois Hebb, Bill Jones, Dottie Kimball, Barbara Ludwig, Florance Merrifield, Ron Smith, John Wilson; and guests Donovan Bowley and Lorraine Hebb.

We observed a moment of silence of our recently departed brother, Neil Hebb, a dear and very active member and the driving force behind the Building Committee.

The minutes of our meeting of our November 21, 2006 meeting, our last business meeting, prepared by Ann, were read and approved.

Treasurer Faith Hart's Treasurer's Report was presented and accepted. Our balance was $7,913.12. The Society has received $1340 in bequests in memory of Neil Hebb so far and $3,505 from our fund-raising letter.

Ann, Faith & Gwen reported on the Come Spring Conference of neighboring historical societies at the Camden Region History Center which they attended. The promised tour of the center did not take place because Elizabeth Moran asked the societies present to describe themselves and, in doing so, they took the time allotted for the tour. We presented a report on our activities, which Bill prepared.

Vice-President Leadbetter reported on the April 24th Executive Committee meeting of herself (acting for Lois Hebb who was in mourning), Faith, and Bill at Faith's. Minutes of that meeting are attached. They cover: spring cleaning, this meeting, the June monthly meeting ffeaturing the RFD Club, the dates the Historical Home will be open this year (Thursdays July 12 through August 30th and Sundays July 15th & 29th and August 5th and 19th), staining of the Historical Home, tours of the House for Hope School (Ann to arrange), the June 12th election bake sale (Gwen in charge), preparations for the Come Spring Conference, the Website Committee, and the new arrangement with Coastal Workshop for returnable cans and bottles.

Re: staining, Obed will arrange when appropriate, using volunteers and kids whom Rick Bresnahan will make available. John Wilson and Bill Jones expect to be available. Please call.

New Business:

The oil tank for our heater seems to be leaking and may need to be replaced. The estimated cost for replacement with installation is $1150, which involved pumping out the preent tank and pumping back in. It was moved and decided to replace the tank if need be.

Herb Hart has repaired a plastic window. The building needs more cleaning, especially of the barn & ell, the men's job. That will take place May 21st at 8:30 AM. Bring a shop vacuum.

Gwen is in charge of June 12th food sale.

Days for open house suggested by Executive Committee were approved. We need volunteers to man the house. Call John Wilson the day before.

The new arrangement with Coastal Workshop gives us 6 cents per small bottle or can. You can drop off returnables yourself at the Coastal Workshop Redemption Center on Limerock Street in Camden. Just mention the Hope Historical Society and you won't have to wait. Or call Bill Jones (763-3576) and he will pick up the returnables for you and deliver them. Last year, this activity netted HHS $129.95 at 5 cents per item. Our returns have increased this year and are running ahead of last year's pace.

Bob Appleby reported on the website. He announced the address: hopehist.com . Midcoast Internet Solutions is hosting our site as part of their charitable community outreach program. In return, we have acknowledged their gift worth $240/year. We will cite Midcoast Internet Solutions at appropriate times, use their mouse pad and put their trailer on our official e-mail. It will also cost $20/year for a virtual site. It was moved and decided to pay $40 for two years.

Ron Smith asked whether we should charge for businesses or other organizations that might want inclusion on our website. Some fears about commercialization were expressed. It was decided to refer the matter to the Website Committee.

Bob Appleby asked for a list of photos.

Faith will be responsible for refreshments at the June 19 meeting on the RFD Club. Arrangements should be made to record the meeting.

Slightly before 7 PM, the business meeting adjourned. Bob Appleby, with technical assistance from Ron Smith, using Bob's computer, Ron's screen and the Hope Library's projector, unveiled the website. He summarized how it works, what we plan to put on and his remarkable ability to scan and restore old photographs, which he demonstrated to general amazement. This clearly opens a dramatic new chapter in the life of HHS.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Acting Secretary