Hope Historical Society

Meeting of May 21st 2013


At the Hope Corner fire station President Donovan Bowley called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Also present were: Bob Appleby, Darlene Barrows (Lincolnville), Joe Berry, Patti Bosken, Bradley & Lorinda Boyd, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Nancy Brown (Appleton), Obed Hart, Mary Ireland, Bill & Judith Jones, speakers Colleen & Jonathan Kreps, Ann Leadbetter, Barbara Ludwig, Elliot & Jane Mitchell, Margaret Morse and Ron Smith.

Minutes of the April 17th meeting were read. Treasurer Gwen Brodis reported that account balances in May 2nd were $541 in the checking account and $14,546 in the savings account. The minutes and treasurer's report were unanimously accepted. The secretary asked for help in preparing the minutes of the November 2012 meeting, which he missed, and December 2012 meeting. President Bowley will help. The secretary should send webmaster Bob Appleby all recently-approved minutes.


President Bowley reported that Hope Historical Home would again be open Mondays from 9 AM to 1 PM as a museum while he and Gwen Brodis continue to organize the collection. He thanked the members who participated in the Saturday May 18th annual Spring Clean Up.
Program Committee Chair Ann Leadbetter reported that, at our evening June 18th meeting, President Donovan would report on what we have recently learned about paths and roads in early Hope and surrounding towns. This is based on Jonathan Stone's 1786 map and the report of 27 pp. report of M. Monvel, a young French geologist whom General Knox hired to walk over his lands throughout the summer of 1792 looking for minerals, promising soils and forests. In the process, Monvel not only explored the Waldo Patent but had repeatedly to cross the "ten associates" land that became Hope, Appleton, Liberty, Montville, Camden & Rockport. With these two resources, we can see what the area looked like in 1792 and what the developers were looking for.
We are hoping for future programs from Tom Hardy when he completes the revision of Anna Hardy's Hope history and from Sid Quarrier of Appleton.
Gwen Brodis reminded everyone of the Tuesday June 11th food sale on election day. Polls will open at 8 AM. She will get back to us on when and where to deliver the baked goods and other food and on our shifts to man the sale.
President Donovan reported on progress in defining the scope of work for this summer's projects:
1) converting our shed into a meeting & dusplay room and renovation of the ground-floor bathroom and
2) building a handicap ramp to the front door.
It is hoped that biddable plans will be ready to be authorized at our next meeting.

Old & New Business

Strictly speaking, none

Ann Leadbetter introduced our neighbors Colleen & Jonathan Kreps of Perennial Favorites, 571 Peabody Road in Appleton. Colleen explained the advantages of planting perennials, and of planting them in such a way that they produce a succession of colored flowers throughout the spring, summer and fall. She showed 56 slides of different perennial flowers growing at their establishment on the Peabody Road, grouped according to when in the crop year they flower. The Krepses do not import plants started elsewhere but grow all of their own stock. Therefore, one can be sure that plants are locally adapted. Near the St. George River in North Appleton, they are in one of the area's coldest cold pockets. After questions, we shared refreshments. The Krepses invite visits.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Secretary