Hope Historical Society

Meeting of May 20th 2014


At the Hope Historical Home President Donovan Bowley called the meeting to order at about 7:00 PM. Also present were: Bob Appleby, Joe Berry, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Tom Ford, Linda Hillgrove, Bill Jones, Ann Leadbetter, Barbara Ludwig and Diane Sprowl.

Minutes of the April 2014 meeting were summarized. They were unanimously approved after a correction.

Treasurer Gwen Brodis presented the Treasurer's report. It was unanimously received. Over the past month, receipts were $10. from dues and $26.04 from returnables ($36.04). Expenditures were $23.31 for electricity. Balances are $17,078.24 in our savings account and $906.02 in our checking account. After the monthly closing date, we paid the State of Maine $35 to file our annual non-profit report. PenBay oil had still not specified its pre-buy cost; no decision was taken on heating oil.

Committee Reports

For Program Committee, Ann Leadbetter reported that the Tuesday 17 June meeting, to be held at the Corner fire station at 9:30 AM, would be Hope Memories. Doing the remembering would be: Edith Brown, Viola Richardson,
Estelle Libby, Robert & Geneva Hall, Hartley & Florence Beverage, Mildred O'Jala, Barbara Ludwig and Lawrence & Janet Pease. In anticipation of a great and historically-important meeting, the members asked Bob Appleby to be sure to record it.

The Hospitality Committee circulated the sheet showing who has volunteered to look after refreshments at which meeting. Nancy Ford will be in charge of refreshments at the 17 June meeting.


Gwen Brodis reminded members of our sale of baked goods and other edibles at the 10 June election - an important revenue source for HHS (and of enjoyment to townsfolk). Ann will help Gwen solicit contributions. We will also be selling chances on Florance Merryfield's twin-bed quilt. President Bowley urged members to come early and choose often.

Donovan gave information on Searsmont's elaborate bicentennial plans, especially a parade on May 24th. More activities are planned for August. Check www.searsmont.com.

Donovan passed around a copy of Cynthia DellaPenna's just-published, 682-page An Array of Hope: Social News of Hope, Maine; 1888 to 1907,
available on-line from lulu.com for $37 or from Cynthia, when she is here, for $20. The book conveniently fills the gap in Hope's vital records that occurred when a town clerk died. Donovan also showed an 1845 Maine state tax statement for Hope that he & Gwen had discovered and catalogued and a book on the history of yankee peddlers.

New Business

The state of our septic, last test-pumped 5 years ago, was discussed. In view of our extremely minor use of water, Joe Berry & Tom Ford recommended not pumping. Discussion, including Dick Brodis's account of what we know about the septic and what steps have been taken since HSS was given the house, revealed concerns. In the event, members voted unanimously to uncover the septic, slide over the cement cover, look in, and pump if necessary, authorizing the Treasurer to spend not more than $250 for this purpose if that proved necessary.

It was reported that the memory garden is a mess. We have a diagram of what has been planted and for whom. There is a dedicated fund. We have obligations. A lilac needs to be replaced. A volunteer is needed.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to the building projects. Dick, Donovan and Tom reported that Paul Hart has begun the electrical work and that Joe and Bill had water-proofed the lower part of the wheelchair ramp given to us by the William Pearses. There was discussion of the layout and finishing of the Faith Hart Room and the handicapped-accessible bathroom. At 7:40, the meeting adjourned for refreshments and to inspect the area to be improved and discuss the improvements.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Jones, Secretary