MAY 15, 2018 MINUTES
The meeting was called to order by President, Donovan Bowley at 7:00 P.M. Those
present were Donovan Bowley, Gwen Brodis, Ann Leadbetter, Cynthia DellaPenna,
Jim Della Penna, Ron Smith, Marie Berry, Barbara Ludwig, Bill Jones, Judith Jones,
Bob Appleby, Juanita Hunt, Emily Saladino, Peter Saladino and Linda Hillgrove.
Guests were Captain Jim Sharp and wife Meg.

SECRETARY‚€™S REPORT: Secretary, Linda Hillgrove, summarized the Minutes for
December 12, 2017 which was unanimously accepted.

TREASURERS REPORT: Treasurer, Gwen Brodis, reported Income: $196.90;
Expenses: $238.89; Balance in Savings: $15,332.22; Checking, $610.67 which was
unanimously accepted.

OLD BUSINESS: Progress is being made on the transcription of the Town Clerk‚€™s
Record Book. Current transcribers are Cindy DellaPenna, Linda Hillgrove, Bill Jones,
Bob Appleby, Ron Smith, and Donovan Bowley. To help with transcription Cindy has
prepared a copy of the 1820 Census and another list that alphabetizes the names of
heads of Hope households in that year. Donovan has transcribed and alphabetized
the Hope Taxpayer names from the Tax Valuation List of 1814.

NEW BUSINESS: New king size quilt made and donated by Florance Merrifield for
a benefit raffle with a ‚€œLittle Red Schoolhouse‚€ design can be seen June 12 th ,
Election Day along with a Bake Sale to benefit the HHS at the Town Office. Tickes
prices for the quilt are six tickets for five dollars or one dollar each.
Emily Saladino would like to have items for the Traveling Trunk turned in before
the summer is over. She would like to have stories accompanying the items as well.
Donation of food items are needed for the Bake Sale at the Town Office on
Election Day, June 12 th . HHS members will be hosting the bake sale.

BUILDING REPORT: Committee Chair, Scott McIntyre has replaced the large
window in the kitchen due to a rotting sill and frame and also replaced the middle
window on the front wall in the Faith Hart room. A new jack post was installed in the
Volunteers are needed for Spring Cleanup, inside and outside of the HHS home.
Check with Gwen regarding date and time.
Refreshments for the evening were provided by Juanita Hunt and Judith Jones.
Marie Berry and Linda Hillgrove will furnish refreshments for the June 19 th meeting.

PROGRAM CHAIR: Program Chair, Ann Leadbetter, Introduced our speaker,
Captain Jim Sharp of the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum in Rockland. Ann has
announced the Meeting Schedule for the following months: June 19 th , Growing Up in
Hope with Carol Brown Jaeger; July 17 th , Photography Studio Visit with Amy Wilton
(morning meeting); August 21 ‚€“ TBA; September 18 th , Ajppraisals with Bruce
Gamage (Morning Meeting); October 16 th is our ANNUAL MEETING with DanFord of
Mid- Maine Forestry‚€ November 20 th , Local Mills with Donovan Bowley, December
11 th is our Christmas Brunch.
Respectfully Submitted,
Hillgrove, Secretary