Hope Historical Society

Executive Committee Meeting

Thursday November 6th 2008


Executive Committee (Bob Appleby, Faith Hart, Herb Hart, Bill Jones & Ann Leadbetter) met at 9:20 AM at Hope Historical Home.

It first reviewed the Society's financial position. Our election-day food sale was the most successful we have ever had. In order to increase our revenues from this source, we have to get members to make and donate more food. As usual, we sold out early. Except for sandwiches generously donated by Brian O'Neill of Hatchet Mountain Publick House, we had nothing to sell around supper time. Returns from our annual appeal seem to be coming in normally despite the recession.

It reviewed the Building Committee report requested by the September monthly meeting and presented by Herb Hart. Building Committee reported on 15 different repairs or improvements to our building with cost estimates for each (see report). Of these, EC Decided to recommend 8 to the membership for immediate implementation. They fall into three groups:

1) Because the basement is still wet after completion of extensive foundation work and joists and sill have weak spots, EC recommends:
- reinforcing 4 rotting floor joists ($350)
- reinforcing soft spot under dining room floor ($45)
- repairing dry rot in sill plate where washer used to be ($40)
- placing fan in cellar to dry air in season ($25)

2) For better access and less liability, EC recommends:
- constructing rear steps & railing ($160)
- adding a railing to steps from barn to ell ($40)
- putting a gate and "no entry" sign at steps to upper barn ($40)

3) EC also recommends caulking & reglazing of ground-floor windows as identified by Building Committee ($6)
Some cost estimates assume implementation by volunteer labor.

EC asked Building Committee to check into the state of 2nd floor windows and to report.
Addressing the other problems raised by Building Committee was deferred.

re: South Hope School, Anne Leadbetter agreed to ask Elizabeth Moran for ideas about possible grants. It was agreed that grant-seeking would be futile unless we can show commitment on the part of the school's alumni and neighbors.

re: help Tim Pearse has offered moving the town safe, EC wanted to be sure that he is insured.

re: cataloguing and computerizing HHS's collection, EC approves trying to get a summer intern. Bill Jones will contact Irene Hawes about how to get an intern and offers to house and board one if found. Bob Appleby will look for a free computer (better than what we have). It was agreed that PastPerfect software would be desirable though expensive. No solution on how to pay for it or whether to try to build our own.

re: 2010 Chronicle, agreed that it is time to start planning. Bill Jones has 2000 Chronicle database and has been updating it sporadically.

re: historical signs, agreed we check with Highway Department about appropriate setback.

Other items of discussion: getting members to check web site & report errors; need for Secretary; need for bookshelves & display case; expanding membership; expanding returnables program; future meeting programs; a thank-you party for an anonymous donor; November refreshments (Ann Leadbetter).

Meeting adjourned at 11:00.

Notes by Bill Jones