Hope Historical Society

Meeting of Tuesday 15th November 2011


Hope Historical Society gathered at Hope Historical Home for a business meeting on 15 November 2011. We convened at 9:30 AM.

President Bowley presented the draft October minutes for Secretary Bill Jones. They were approved.

Treasurer Faith Hart presented the Treasurer's report. On October 19th, the bank account balance has been $8,734.62. As of this meeting, it is $10,188.08. See report for details.


For the Program Committee, Ann Leadbetter reported on planned future meetings. December 13th will be our traditional Christmas brunch at Hope Historical Home with singing by our
Hope School children and brunch. Gwen Brodis will need help organizing this. April 17th, we hope to organize a meeting on the development of Hope's road network as told by those
who remember best, William Pearse and/or Bob Crabtree. If appropriate, the meeting will take place in their nursing homes. May 15th, we will have a program by Sid Quarrier (Appleton)
from Georges River Land Trust on the geography of Hope. June 19th, we hope Donovan will beable to organize a meeting on Sweetland's Tavern, Hope Corner's first store.

For the Building and Grounds Committee, Herb Hart reported that there are lots of mice but little activity. He summarized his activities maintaining the Memory Garden and the grounds.
He will require help with certain activities (e.g. string trimming) because of consequences of his radiation therapy.

Whereas the Town had voted to rehabilitate the Town Office, Faith & Obed Hart and Ann Leadbetter removed the contents of the Historical Society display case at the Town Office to the
Historical Home. The Town Administrator promised that the display case would be put in storage until construction is completed, then returned to its place. The display case and materials would have to be moved quickly.

For the Nominating Committee, Herb Hart reported the following nominations:

President Donovan Bowley
Vice President Bob Appleby
Treasurer Faith Hart, to be assisted by Gwen Brodis and/or Mary Ireland in case of need)
Secretary Bill Jones, until a replacement can be found

Committee Chairs:

Webmaster Bob Appleby
Building & Grounds Herb Hart, to be assisted by Ron Smith, but not before spring
Program        Ann Leadbetter
Archivists       Gwen Brodis and Faith Hart
Publicity       Bill Jones

New Business:

The members present unanimously accepted the report of the Nominating Committee and elected the proposed officers.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Secretary