Hope Historical Society

Meeting of November 19th 2013

Draft Minutes

At the Hope Corner fire station, President Donovan Bowley gaveled the meeting to order at 7:06 PM. Also present were: Joe Berry, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Nancy Ford, George Gross (speaker), Mary Ireland, Bill Jones, Ann Leadbetter, Barbara Ludwig, Elliot & Jane Mitchell and Ron Smith.

Consideration of the draft September minutes was deferred. Draft minutes of the October 2013 annual meeting were distributed.

Treasurer Gwen Brodis\u2019s report was unanimously accepted. [Get figures from Gwen.] See full report for details.


Donovan reported on a large numbers of gifts accessioned: from Tom Hardy, the Dakin family Bible, ledgers & records of Hope enterprises and L.P.True Cannery labels; a photo pf Obed Hart & Gilford Payson with Hope\u2019s fire truck commissioned from Farrar in MA; from Will Keene, photos & information on Kleene family, photos of Hope & of Hope scholars; from Edith Beverage Brown, copies of early lot maps and of 1802 Osgood Carleton map.

For the Program Committee, Ann Leadbetter reminded of the December 10th (Christmas brunch) meeting at 9 AM. Hope School chorus will not be able to attend this year. Herb Hart will bring potatoes; Barbara Ludwig, juice; Nancy Ford, applesauce. Casseroles are wanted. Contact Gwen and Nancy.

For the Building Committee, Donovan reported that we will need to convene a work party to install the handicapped\u2019 ramp donated by the William Pearse family.

Gwen reported that Herb Hart is extremely concerned about HHS\u2019s mice.

Old Business:

Donovan Bowley, Dick Brodis, Bill Jones, Elliot & Ron Smith volunteered to install the handicapped\u2019 ramp. Donovan appointed Dick Foreman and hoped that the task would be done before snow flies.

New Business:

Ron Smith asked what is being done to save the South Hope School. After a full review of what has happened, what Friends of South Hope School has done and Hope Historical Society\u2019s promises to and relationship with that organization (HHS is, among other things, its fiscal agent), Donovan offered to try to draft a letter to the Selectmen and Administrator that we could discuss.

Ron Smith asked if we could organize a hunters\u2019 breakfast. After discussion, Donovan appointed Ron to form a committee to study the prospects.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:35.

* * *

Ann Leadbetter introduced speaker George Gross from Newcastle, the Moxie man from the Matthews Farm Museum at Union Fairground. Union\u2019s Dr. Thompson promoted Moxie to a major national drink, which used to claim to be able to cure a large variety of health problems. Most of his activities took place in Massachusetts. The Matthews Museum is the principal repository for Moxie history and artifacts. Moxie, which continues to be produced and consumed to this day, especially in Pennsylvania, was a precursor to today\u2019s soft drinks. Many later promotional ploys in the soft-drink industry were pioneered by Moxie.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Secretary