Hope Historical Society

Annual Meeting; October 21st 2008


At 6 PM in the library at the Town Office, Rev. Bill Borch asked God's blessing, and members and guests shared a potluck supper.

At 7 PM, following supper, President Bill Jones called the meeting to ordr. Present were: Bob Appleby, Charles Benjamin, Joe Berry, Marie Berry, Bill & Elizabeth Borch, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Jean Connon, Dan Dalrymple, Herb Hart, Obed & Faith Hart, Bill Jones, Will & Joan Keene, Dorothy Kimball, Ann Leadbetter, Barbara Ludwig, Barbara Mason and Ron Smith.

Treasurer Faith Hart distributed the annual Treasurer's Report. As of the meeting, Hope Historical Society had $1,053 in our checking account, $5,580.23 in our building-fund savings account, and $29,415.21 in certificates of deposit for a total of $36,148.44. Over the year, expenses ($4,396.20) had slightly exceeded income ($4,151.04). Sources of income were: donations in response to the building-fund letter ($2,320); food sales ($710.50); dues ($450); bottle redemptions ($324.96); donations, principally in memory of Ed True & Neil Hebb ($315); interest ($21.58): and sales ($9). Expenditure s were: heating oil & service ($2,362.36); insurance ($1,259); maintenance/improvements to Historical Home ($331.95); electricity ($200.68); secretarial ($167.21); required state reports ($60); lecture fee ($15). The report was approved as distributed.

Here were no minutes of the September 18th meeting. Jones repeated his offer to return to being Secretary if someone else would be President. He introduced the speaker, Ron Smith.

Ron explained his motivation for bicycling solo from the northwest corner of the continental USA (Cape Flattery, WA) to the northeast corner in Maine. He has low-pressure glaucoma. The ride raised money for and was sponsored by the Glaucoma Research Foundation, San Francisco CA. The trip started at University of Washington, one of four major glaucoma research centers.

Smith traced his trip in maps, showed photographs he took and recounted his adventures. He carried his camping gear, cooked his own meals, and camped generally outside of towns for safety. Crossing the Cascades, Rockies and the Great Plaines, he faced a great deal of headwind and rain. Better conditions prevailed across the upper Midwest, upstate New York, the Appalachians and Maine. His bicycle and gear were on display.

The December meeting will be Tuesday the 9th -- an 8:30 AM brunch at the Hope Historical Home, followed by caroling, led by the Hope Elementary School chorus, then by cookies & punch.

Respectfully submitted, Bill Jones, Acting Secretary