Annual Meeting of October 20, 2015


After a potluck dinner at the Hope Corner Firehouse, President Donovan Bowley called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Also present were: Bob Appleby, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Bill Jones, Ann Leadbetter, Diane Sprowl, Barbara Ludwig, Dan Hart, Ron Smith, Marie Berry, Mary Ireland, Jane & Elliot Mitchell, Guest, Barbara Colliver (from Australia), Bradley Boyd and Linda Hillgrove.

The September 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer Gwen Brodis presented the Treasurer's Annual Report, which was unanimously accepted. As of the October 2014 annual meeting HHS had $11,082.01 in Savings and $1,168.69 in the Checking Account for a total of $12,250.70. Our Certificate of Deposit CNB was worth $33,242.53.Our income for the year totaled $6,936.99. Expenses totaled $17,004.02. Balance on Hand as of October 20, 2015 is $2,182.77.

 Tickets for the king size quilt will be sold until the winning ticket is drawn on November 3, (Voting Day) at the Hope Town Office. Tickets are $1.00 each or Six tickets for $5.00.

1. Renovations making the Faith Hart Room from the shed and the former summer kitchen and a wheelchair accessible bathroom were completed; Scott McIntire and Paul Hart built the wheelchair ramp. Paul Hart and Viking Lumber donated the materials for the ramp and Paul and Scott contributed the labor.
2. Many gifts were donated from members and friends. Among those gifts are a cylinder organ donated by Bob and Geneva Hall; (Made in South Hope) Concord Buggy from Herb and Vickie Harriman; Barrister Bookcase from Mary Ireland and a glass display case and easels from Dan Dalrymple.
3. We had a day time field trip in July to the new opening of the Washington Historical Society's new museum, (formerly an old garage) on Razorville Road.
4. In September we hosted the annual Come Autumn Conference of Local Mid Coast Historical Societies. There was also an exhibit of Penobscot Marine Museum's Knox County photographs from Eastern Illustrating Company negatives.


Cindy DellaPenna transcribed Katherine True's Diary and Fogler papers; the Hope Highway Surveyors Book and an interview with Dottie Kimball were transcribed by Mary Ireland.

Speakers in 2015 included: Kevin Johnson, Richard Morgan, Bill Jones and Mary Ireland, and Michelle Merrifield. There were also exhibits of Penobscot Marine's Knox County Photographs from Eastern Illustrating Company negatives; and a "New Exhibit" of Jay Leach's photos from Using the Land, Making a Living - 2000 from our collections.

The Nominating Committee announced the officers for 2016 as follows: President, Donovan Bowley, Vice President, Jane Mitchell, Treasurer, Gwen Brodis and Secretary, Linda Hillgrove. It was moved and accepted to approve the nominations.

Program Chair Ann Leadbetter introduced our evenings speaker, Matthew Hansbury, Collections Manager at the Knox Museum, Montpelier who spoke on the life and times of General Knox.

   The speaker for our November 17th meeting will be Sandy Delano from Lincolnville.

  We will have a Christmas Brunch on December 8th 2015.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

   Respectfully submitted,

   Linda Hillgrove, Secretary