ANNUAL REPORT
                                                    MINUTES FOR OCTOBER 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President, Donovan Bowley at 7:05 P.M. Those attending were: Donovan Bowley, Ann Leadbetter, Bernice Gleason, Viola Richardson, James DellaPenna, Cynthia DellaPenna, Barbara Ludwig, Marie Berry, Gwen Brodis, Juanita Hunt, Jarvis Johnson, Mary Ireland, Bill Jones, Judith Jones, Barbara Ludwig, Florance Merrifield, Linda Hillgrove and guests: Bernice Gleason, Viola Richardson, and Guest Speaker, Paul Miller.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Secretary, Linda Hillgrove summarized the Minutes for September 18, 2018 meeting which were unanimously accepted.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Gwen Brodis, gave the Annual Report of $34,651.92 in CDs; Balance on Hand October 1, 2018 of: Savings, $9,906.54; Checking, $443.81 for a Total of $10,350.35. The Total income was $8,412.04; Total Expenses, $3,997.46; Balance in Savings, $14,390.77; Balance in Checking, $374.16 which was unanimously accepted.
OLD BUSINESS: Thanks to the many volunteers, especially for house opening and closing, Brian Cassidy; Marie and Wayne Berry for work on the lawn; Diane Sprowl for mowing the ditch; Bill Jones for gathering returnables to benefit HHS and our transcribers, Cindy DellaPenna, Bob Appleby, Linda Hillgrove, Bill Jones, Ron Smith, Victoria Westbo and Donovan Bowley. Scott McIntyre replaced the large kitchen window and sashes in the Faith Hart room and Marie painted and stained them.
NEW BUSINESS: Donovan has done a great job as President of HHS but announced he will be stepping down as President. After retiring he will be working with Gwen cataloging donated items. Cindy DellaPenna will be the Hostess on Mondays as the HHS home will be open from 9 A.M. to Noon.
COLLECTIONS HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR: Several items were received from the Verna N. Dyer estate; a number of things from Ann Leadbetter, as well as items from Juanita Hunt, Betsy True, Captain Jim Sharp, Gwen Brodis, Mary Lou Richards, Donovan Bowley, Roger Moody, Arthur Sprowl, Barbara Ludwig; the Kleene family, the Jenny Family, Elizabeth Mills, items from the estate of Walter Howe and the Walsh History Center of Camden Public Library.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Town Clerk’s Record Book is well on the way to being transcribed and indexed, with Cindy DellaPenna, Bob Appleby, Linda Hillgrove, Bill Jones, Smith, Victoria Westbo, and Donovan Bowley participating. Cindy has borne the majority of this work and is doing the indexing.
Speakers since November 2017 have been: in April, Roger Moody on Knox County History; in May, Capt. Jim Sharp, on Boat Building; in June, Carol Brown Jaeger, Growing Up in Hope; July, Studio Visit with Amy Wilton, Photographer; August, David Smith, Maple Sugar Making; and September, Bruce Gamage, Appraising Antiques.
Our exhibit this past year has been various items from our archives.
The Nominating committee consisting of Marie Berry, Mary Ireland and Linda Hillgrove announced officers for 2019; Juanita Hunt, President; Cindy DellaPenna, Vice President: Secretary, Linda Hillgrove: Treasurer, Gwen Brodis; Bill Jones and Ann Leadbetter will share the Program Chair position.
PROGRAM CHAIR: Program Chairperson, Ann Leadbetter, introduced Paul Miller, Forester, speaking about his work in the woods and how he became a Forester.
UPCOMING EVENTS: Election Day Bake Sale to benefit HHS will be held and a drawing of the Benefit Raffle ticket on a Queen Size Log Cabin pattern quilt made by Florance Merrifield, November 6th. Contact Marie Berry regarding donations for the bake sale. Raffle tickets for the quilt are one dollar for one or five dollars for six tickets
Our November 13th meeting will be a discussion on Mid-Coast Settlement and Mills by Donovan Bowley starting at 7 P.M. at the HHS home.
The December 11th meeting will be our Annual Christmas Brunch starting at 9:00 A.M. at the Hope Historical Home. Please bring a casserole or other items to enjoy. Drinks will be provided.

Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Ludwig Hillgrove, Secretary