Hope Historical Society

Meeting of September 21st 2006


President Lois Hebb called the meeting at the Hope Volunteer Library to order at 9:30. Present were: members Bob Appleby, Hope Chase, Faith Hart, Herb Hart, Neil Hebb, Bill Jones, Dottie Kimball, Ann Leadbetter, Barbara Ludwig, William & Francina Pearse, and Ed & Barbara True; and guests Paul & Helen Putnam.

Paul Putnam of Camden, columnist for the Camden Herald, spoke on sauerkraut manufacture at True Cannery, as well as about other agricultural and genealogical matters in Hope history. Jenness Eugley had a sauerkraut business in Lincolnville, which he sold to Elmer True in 1948. Putnam's sources were his article (which HHS has) and talks with Eugley. Putnam cited Copenhagen market and Danish Baldhead as prominent varieties used. Cabbage fetched [presumably around or before World War II] a penny a pound and kraut five cents.
The True Cannery had closed during the 1930s. Elmer re-opened it after WWII, producing and selling sauerkraut and fresh salads packaged in cellophane. He was ahead of his time, but the enterprise did not succeed. Putnam pointed out the importance, especially to farmers, of the Eastern Steamship Company, which provided a way of selling on the Boston Quiny Market until it stopped in 1935. In summer, it provided three trips weekly, leaving Camden in evening and arriving Boston the next morning. Farmers could sell through commission brokers in Boston, such as Kingman Harding, through whom the Pearses sold their apples. By 1948, Hope farmers no longer had this outlet. Putnam cited sales through coastal stores: Brown's, Carleton-French, Perry's, etc.
Putnam's wife is 2nd cousin to Katherine True Brown, Elmer' daughter. He presented the Society with an original birth announcement for Katherine (b. 1915).

A business meeting followed.

Treasurer Faith Hart's Treasurer's Report was presented and accepted.

President Hebb presented informal minutes.

President Hebb reported:

- that Herb Hart is taking over the memory garden project from Evelyn Ludwig. Herb will get label signs for the plants in the garden;

- that the Visual History Center (and Audio History Center) are up and running thanks to two $150 gifts from Camden Rotary Club and from Ed & Barbara True;

- that the weekly Thursday open hours had been a great success. More than 60 people visited the Society. Six new members joined. An ad had been placed in the Camden Herald thanking the volunteers who made this possible, especially Faith Hart & Ann Leadbetter. Main attractions were the projector, house tours & Dana Smiths photo books. Nexr year weekend hours are suggested;

- in October, that Bob Appleby will get together with Gwen Brodis & Faith Hart to start scanning photos for the Hope Historical web site.

- that 23 people attended the August meeting at which Bill Jones, Will Keene, Barbara Miller, Obed & Faith Hart, and Bruce & Linda Lord reported in what we do and don't know about pond camps and summer people. The research project aims to cover all of Hope's ponds and summer camps, lane by lane, starting with Loon, Lord & True Lanes, Pond Road and Payson's Path.

Neill Hebb reported for the Building Committee that our electric service has been up-graded to 100 amps and that the staining of the outside is in progress.

Herb Hart reported for the Memory Garden Committee that some plants, including the Estilbies for Raymond & Evelyn Ludwig, died. Rugosa roses have been cut back to 6". Trees need cutting. Notes should be sent to donors.

New Business

October 17th at 7 PM (following a 6 PM potluck), Ron Smith will present his photographs on Australia. Helpers are needed. Contact Ann Leadbetter.

Ann Leadbetter will be in charge of publicity. Bill Jones will help her.

Lois Hebb has drafted the annual appeal letter. Hope Chase, Faith, Ann, Lois & Evelyn Ludwig will stuff and send them.

MBNA Foundation is not insisting that staining the outside of the Hope Historical Home be completed by December 31st as we promised. However, it is likely that it will be finished by that date.

Don't forget our bake sale on Election Day - November 7th - a major fundraiser.

The following gifts were received and acknowledged:

- Ed True donated letters from Ross Spear and from his Kittery ancestor which were the basis for his talk, A Girl's Life in Hope," as well as 1904 newspaper articles.
- Ron Russell donated the scale, an iron-wheeled cart and the barrel-moving dolly from the True Cannery. These were obtained and preserved by Ron, directly or indirectly, from Bill Hardy after he bought the cannery and tore down the building. They were the focus of this summer's exhibit on the True Cannery.
- The Hope Extension donated two scrapbooks. The Society is due to receive scrapbooks dating ca. 1949 from the hatchet Mountain Sno-Riders.
- Francina Pearse brought donations from Linda Hall Owen (Bob Hall of Athearn's Corner's daughter): a sewing machine from Barbara Hall, a flat iron without handle, and a plastic Hope rock.
- Young Bob Wright donated a bench from Hope Corner store.
- Earl Pearse donated ledger books.
- Hope Chase donated a chopper and clamp.
- Jeffret Hebb donated Alford Lake Farm bottle tops, which he obtained in Massachusetts.
President Hebb has prepared and submitted the HHS entry for the 2006 Town Report.

Dana Smith's photo books of the Pearse family have been returned to him.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Acting Secretary