The meeting was called to order by President, Juanita Hunt, at 7:00 P. M. Those attending were: Gwen Brodis, Marie Berry, Mary Ireland, Bill Jones, Judith Jones, Cindy DellaPenna, Viola Richardson, Bunny Gleason, Ron Smith, Bob Appleby, Florance Merrifield, Donovan Bowley, Linda Hillgrove and Jim DellaPenna.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Secretary, Linda Hillgrove’s report was unanimously accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT:Treasurer, Gwen Brodis, reported an income for June 30 to July 31, 2019 of $725.00; Expenses of $10,882.72 with a Balance in Savings: $6,512.04; Balance in Checking; $887.70. Income from July 31, to August 31, 2019 was $202.66; Expenses: $324.05; Balance in Savings of $6,512.34; Balance in Checking of $766.31.

OLD BUSINESS: Appreciation was expressed to everyone who helped make the lawn, craft and food sales for the months of June, July and August a success. There were eight guests who toured in August. Thank you to Ann Leadbetter for assisting those guests with their questions. Marie Berry announced $513.50 was realized for the August 31st lawn, food and craft sale.

There is more painting to be done butthe scraping and painting of windows and doors are almost completed. Roger Hunt installed the gaskets on the garage doors. Chris Pearse donated a 6’x6’ beam to designate the edge of the parking lot which was installed by Jarvis Johnson.

Appreciation was expressed to Marie and Wayne Berry for maintaining the lawn this summer.

NEW BUSINESS: Gwen Brodis will send a thank you note to Carol Brown Jaeger and her sister, Janice Brown Baxtrom, for the items and area history papers they donated to HHS.

As a fund raiser to accompany our voting day bake, craft, and quilt raffle and the summer bake, craft and yard sale days, we thought it might be nice to put together a Hope Historical Society cookbook with recipes submitted by current society members. We would appreciate an assortment of favorite recipes in all categories such as Appetizers, Beverages, Soups, Salads, Vegetables, Main Dishes, Breads and Rolls, Desserts, Cookies, Candy, Preserves and Relishes, etc. In order to have the Winter to put the book together, a deadline of our Christmas Pot Luck Brunch, December 10th is the latest for recipe submissions. Please provide a contact name, email or telephone number should there be a need for clarification; each recipe submitted will be credited to the submitter. Should there be an excess of duplicate recipe submissions,the editor will reserve the right to choose the most complete submission. Please submit recipes to Cindy DellaPenna either in person, or by snail mail or email as follows: Cindy DellaPenna, 173 Main Street, Hope, ME 04847 or Email: lineagearray@gmail.com

Juanita Hunt called an executive meeting on September 9th to discuss Lindsay Pinchbeck’s request to use the HHS home on Election Day from 8:30 to 11:30 A. M. as a school classroom. Lindsay uses the room at the Town Office a couple days a week for the students but it will be used for casting votes on November 12, 2019. Bill Jones made the motion to allow Sweetland School use of the HHS home on Election Day and the motion was carried. Sweetland School tours will be hosted by Juanita Hunt and Cindy DellaPenna on Saturday, October 7 and Saturday, October 28 at the HHS home.

Thanks go to Ron Smith for collecting bottles and the miles he has walked to pick up returnable bottles that litter our roadsides. If you would like to donate your returnables Bill Jones would be happy to help.

WEBMASTER REPORT: Webmaster, Bob Appleby, is anxious for a new person to take over the HHS Website. If there are any members with computer expertise please let Bob know. He can be contacted through the

Cynthia DellaPenna introduced the speaker, Jim DellaPenna. “A Brief History of Astronomy Plus Stars, the Speed of Light, and More: was accompanied by a slide show of the stars, planets, constellations and our solar system.

Our Annual Meeting will be held October 15th 2019 at the Hope Fire Department beginning at 6 P. M. The Nominating Committee, comprising of Marie Berry, Mary Ireland and Linda Hillgrove. If anyone is interested in running for office please let a Committee Member know before the October 15th meeting.

The October meeting is our Annual Pot Luck at 6 P. M. at the Hope Fire Station with a business meeting to follow at 7 P.M. Please bring food items to share and your own place settings. Liquid refreshments will be provided.

Ron Smith, speaker for the October 15th meeting, will be sharing information about his visit to Greenland “The Land and The People”.

Refreshments were provided by Florance Merrifield and Marie Berry.

The November 19th meeting will be a tour of Robbins Mill in Searsmont. We need to be there by 10 A.M. More information to come.

Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Hillgrove, Secretary