The meeting was called to order by President, Juanita Hunt at 7 P. M. Those attending were: Gwen Brodis, Ann Leadbetter, Marie Berry, Jan Corson, Steve Corson, James DellaPenna, Cynthia DellaPenna, Emily and Peter Saladino, Bernice "Bunny" Gleason, Bob Appleby, Juanita Hunt, Lewis Merrifield, Florance Merrifield, Donovan Bowley, Ron Smith, Linda Hillgrove and guests, Ron Stasiowski, Sandi Sullivan, Donna Hall and speaker, Allan Talbot.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: The secretary's report was given with jim DellaPenna requesting two amendments to April's Minutes. Florance Merrifield made a motion to accept Minutes as amended and seconded by Donovan Bowley.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer, Gwen Brodis, reported April 30 to May 31 an Income of: $164.52; Expenses of $120.66; Balance in Savings: $16,591.97; Balance in Checking: $962.42. Gwen thanked all who baked, made crafts and helped at the sales table on election day. A report of income from the bake and craft and quilt sale will be included in the July Minutes.

OLD BUSINESS: A discussion regarding Emily and Peter Saladino's request for reimbursement to help cover the cost of photos, text files and cds made for education purposes for their Traveling Trunk for the Hope Grammar School was granted with a motion by Florance Merrifield and seconded by Ann Leadbetter to pay $75.00. We thanked the Saladinos for their hard work putting the trunk and information together.

The By Laws, to be voted on at the August 20th meeting, have been sent by email or mailed to members.

Juanita Hunt stated that two companies gave estimates for shingling the roof. Horch quoted $12,850 with replacement of plywood if needed but not old boards. Greenleaf would replace boards but not plywood for $9,500. Motion was made and accepted to accept Greenleaaf's estimate to shingle the roof.

Marie Berry has changed the dates of the Yard Sale by elimating the last Saturday in September. Yard and Bake Sale dates are June 29, July 27, and August 31 from 8 A. M. to Noon. Rain or Shine and Marie would like donations for the yard sale to be clean, light enough to carry, no clothing, and you may put your own pricing on your items, if desired. Unsold items will go to Good Will,

Donovan esplained how we received the Town Clerk's Report from Yale and thanked the people who helped transcribe the Town Clerk's book dated 1804-1837.

NEW BUSINESS: It was mentioned to Juanita Hunt that the windows need scraping, caulking and painting by Jarvis Johnson. We discussed a date and time of July 20th from 9:00 to 2:00 P.M. Cindy DellaPenna made a motion and was seconded by Florance Merrifield which was unanimously acceptedd.

Marie Berry donated a souvenir card, given to her by Kathy and Tim Higbee, dated 1903 that Kathy and Tim found in the home they bought listing Myrtle Frye, teacher, and pupils from School District #6 in North Hope.

Gwen Brodis requested a new computer and a decision regrding payment of the house insurance. Jim DellaPenna made a motion to get a new computer and pay the building insurance annually, which is less expensive than monthly, which was seconded by Marie Berry and unanimously accepted.

Refreshments were prodvided by Ann and Juanita. Gwen and Marie will provide refresments for the July 16th meeting at 7:00 P.M.

The meeting was adjourned.

The speaker, introduced by Bunny Gleason, was Major Allen Talbot of the Maine Marine Patrol who spoke about his early career as a schooner captain on the Bowdoin, Beth selma and Roseway. At age 37 he changed careers when the State of Maine was looking for boat captains in the Maine Marine Patrol. In 1869 the marine patrol was started but called Fish Wardens. in 1947 they were called Coastal Wardens and in 1978 their title changed to Marine Patrol Officers. (More information is available on Google: Marine Marine Patrol). You Tube has a recruitment video. Marine Patrol Officers work with tactical teams, state police, search and rescue, also the public health department insuring "No Fishing Zones are enforced. They also check harvesters and dealers,and restaurants for compliance of the law. They are trained in weapons use which started in the 1950s spending 18 weeks at Maine Justice Academy as all police officers do. There is approximately 3000 miles of coastline with only 52 employees, some are in supervisory positions who do not patrol. There are two divisions with one covering Kittery to the Penobscot River with one lieutenant covering the Penobscot to Calais. Marine Patrol Officcers can pull lobster traps and fyke and dip nets used by elver fishermen to guarantee compliance. He said most fishermen do stay in compliance. He is now a Field Supervisor.

Peter and Eleanor Richardson will be speakers for the July 16th meeting which begins at 7:00 P.M. with our business meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Hillgrove, Secretary